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DOT Licence Number C239
-All Tanks will be visually checked first prior the actually test.  
-If a tank fails a visual test in accordance to DOT hydrostatic guidelines, you will be notified ASAP.  Things that can visually fail a tank are cracks wider that 1/8" and deep chips in the CF.
-You will not be charged full rate for a failure, only $15 to ship back.
-All tanks will tested in accordance with all DOT guidance and regulations.
-All Tests are started on the 1st Monday and 3rd Monday of each month and take about 5 business days to complete.
-Tank threads will be clear of debris prior to return shipping.
-In the event that a regulator strips (rare) upon disassembly C6PB in NOT responsible for stripped threads or damage to the regulator or tank, keep your reg at HOME!
-Can check any 3000PSI or 4500PSI tank.
-Write down and keep your tank number prior to shipping.

Hydro Static Test Rates:

Regulator Removed:
$60 (includes return shipping)
$50 (3 or more tanks)

Local drop off $30
Regulator NOT Removed:
$80 (includes return shipping)

50% deposit up front, last 50% before shipping
Shipping address:
Check Six Paintball Inc.
(Hydro Test)
8165 Woods Hwy
Whitesboro NY 13492
Paypal -
Venmo - @checksixpb
Apple Pay - 3157097777